Stock Selection

Portfolio Management Process

At InView, Portfolio Management is as important to client performance as Security Selection. We seek to optimize the return potential of our portfolios while minimizing risk in order to add incremental returns to client performance.

Our Investment Database (comprising portfolio holdings as well as research companies not held) is the primary facilitator to our Portfolio Management process. We rank order the companies by IRR (Rate of Return) to focus research resources on the greatest incremental return.  

  • Which portfolio investments offer the most attractive returns? Least attractive?
    The database directs research efforts to value-add weighting decisions..

  • Which research companies offer the most attractive returns?
    The database identifies companies to replace low return investments..

  • How do changes in a business impact potential investment return?
    The database quantifies ongoing forecast changes to quickly assess changes to return. It assists us in determining what a business must achieve to meet our return requirements.

The result of our portfolio management process is the identification of portfolio actions that can be opportunistically taken to add to the portfolio’s performance potential.


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